75+ Most Profitable Business Without Investment You Can Start in 2019

So, are you looking for some Profitable business Without investment?

Yes, starting a business with no or very less money is of course possible with the right planning and specific expertise.

Today there are many young aspire who wants to start getting dirty in the entrepreneurial side of the business world but they don’t have any business ideas.

If you are one of them, Then you have came to the right place.

In order to help You, Here i have compiled 75 Most Profitable business ideas with low investment and high profit.


75+ Most Profitable Business Without Investment You Can Start Today


Freelancing Jobs are always in Trend. Are You good in Writing, Designing, coding or any professional skill then just register on Different Freelancing Job website and start earning from it. Later on, you can convert it into a full-fledged business.

business ideas with low investment

One of my friend started working on Fiverr and with the time he made a team of 10-15 people who work for him through Fiverr. Don’t Forget to check out: 13 Online Freelancing Job websites to make money.


business ideas with low investment

If you are good at teaching, then you can start Tutoring business. It gives you good flexibility as well as Earning potential that many even take it as a full time job. There are many online websites which can help you in making money through tutoring Job. Some of them are Chegg, Tutor. com, Tutor vista. com and Udemy.

Pro Tip: Always remember this is a bit tricky Job. If you are good at teaching then Only I will recommend you to try this because Student will give you though time and their parents too.

Tiffin Service

business ideas with low investment

If you live in a metro city then just tie up with Tiffin service company and provide them good quality food. As you all know food sector plays an important role in Indian economy. So, starting any business related to food can be profitable.

Delivery Business

online business without investment

If you want to start a small business without investment or low investment then starting a courier service or small-scale delivery service can be beneficial for you. In beginning days you can start delivering goods by tying up with different logistics companies. Once you get some profit you can start your own delivery business.

Cab Business

business ideas with low investment

If you have a car then you can register it with ride-hailing apps Like Uber and Ola. You will be start earning from the very first day. Once you get some profit, you can purchase other second hand car and do the same with that car also. In this way you can easily grow your business.

 Blogging (Minimal investment)

From past more than 2 decades many peoples are making their living from Blogging business by providing free actionable, informative, entertaining, and educational content on different topics to their audience.

business ideas with low investment

You can start a Blog on any niches which include – Food, Fashion, Fitness, Finance, Business, Tech, Stories or anything. Don’t forget to read my ultimate guide to start a Blog which makes money.

Pro Tip :  Whatever Niche you choose, You should be naturally curious about that Topic.


Podcasting has become very popular these days. Lots of people are starting new shows on daily Basis.

You just need to come up with a Good concept. John Lee Dumas is a good example in Podcasting industry who has made an incredibly successful business with his Podcast.

online business without investment

John host an amazing show called Entrepreneurs On Fire where he share information related to Business and Entrepreneurship. Another great example is Pat flynn who run a very successful show named Smart Passive Income show.


online business without investment

Dropshipping is an very popular business model these days. If you don’t want a warehouse filled with inventory to run your own business.

With dropshipping you can start your business from anywhere because you don’t need a warehouse to store your product.

Once someone buys a product from you, You Just have to make an order from third party on the behalf of your customer and third party will handle everything from Packaging to delivering and you will get your comission.

Freelance Writing

Let me tell you one thing, Writing is an very important skill any one can heave. I know everyone can’t be a good writer but still if writing is your thing then you can make huge money from the internet with your skill.

business ideas with low investment and high profit

Because in internet world most of the things we do involve writing. As a good writer you can offer your service to busy webmasters in the form of articles, magazines, editorials, blog posts, books, etc.

Launch An Online Course Or Membership Site

online business without investment

Building and selling courses are one of the greatest ways to make money without investment.

You just need to make a course on a particular topic which you are familiar with and start selling it on your own blog or on an online course platform like Udemy.

Advertising Campaign Developer

business ideas with low investment

Advertising campaigns are the group of similar adevrtising messgaes which are similar in nature.

You can offer your creative online advertisment campaign and content to your client. Example – Social media campaigns, mobile contests, apps, email distribution, video etc.


If you love children and have lot of leisure time in hand  then you can easily start Baby sitting business without investment.

small business ideas

Babysitting simply means taking care of children in the presence or absence of their parents. It offers flexibility and convience. There is lots of money involved in this business if you are a bit experienced then you can make good money.

Startup Instructor

small business ideas

Business startup instructor is one of the most trending and profitable business ideas without investment.

If you have years of experience in entrepreneurship and have an idea about how marketing or business work. Then you can become startup instructor and share your thought and ideas with newbies.

Career Counselling

small business ideas

Career Counselling also known as employment counselors is all about providing right advice to young generation. With proper expertise you can start this business directly from home without investment.

Pro Tip: Having Proper Training, Licenses and Certification can be a plus point in this business

PTC Sites 

PTC sites is a good without investment business. This sites provide opportunity to earn by just clicking or watching advertisement. However intially earning potential is very low from PTC site.

PTC sites, Best Ptc Sites That Pay 10$ Per Click

But still there are some PTC sites like Clixsense and Neobux where you can make decent money when you bring in referrals in your system. In the referral marketing, you can earn while sleeping from your referral activities.

Don’t Forget to checkout Our recent article on How to make money from PTC sites Earn Up to $10-15/day


small business ideas

According to forbes, The consulting industry is worth whopping $100 billion per year and it is predicted to grow more than 80% in next few year.

So if you are an expert in a field, then you can start providing your consulting service to any business organisation or a particular individual.

Pro Tip: With true Passion and adequate knowledge anyone can start this business.

Match Making or Wedding planner

small business ideas

These days most of the peoples are hiring match makers or wedding planner to plan their wedding. However I can’t say you can start this business without any investment but still, it is a very low investment business in India.

Real Estate Brokerage or Consultancy

small business ideas

You can start your own real estate brokerage or consultancy business with no investment. You just need few contacts with prospective buyers and sellers. If not then it’s also ok Just check online and print media for properties which are to be leased or to be sold . Just make a complete database of prospective buyers and seller and then you care good to go.

Security agency or detective agency

low investment business

These days everyone is concern about their own and family security and safety. That’s why people are ready to spend money on it.

You can provide manpower to the people by starting a proper Security agency. Always keep in Mind that this business will need some finance in beginning.

Chocolate maker

small business ideas

Chocolate are always favourite of childrens. I think this is one of the best business ideas for Women. You can learn about how to make different types of chocolate from the internet and then you can start your own business on small scale.

IT Support services

small business ideas

Today It industries is booming in all over the world. If you are good in computer or if you are an expert in IT, then you can start your own business and provide your services to different business organisation and client.

Content Developer

small business ideas

Basically, content developers are involved in creation, editing and development of content for various activities which are related to online marketing and stuff. You can write Quality Content for websites, newsletters, blogs, press releases, articles and advertising and as well as marketing materials based on the requirements of a client or business.

Corporate Hospitality Event Planning

business without investment

Corporate hospitality event planning business can be described as giving services to the clients in the process of entertainments in events held by different business organisation for their staff, clients or shareholders.

This business is very easy to start as well as profitable business for any one.

Key Note: Corporate Hospitality event planning business is booming in all over the world and now it is million dollar industry with the steady growth of 25% per year.

Creating Music Videos

business without investment

Now a days lots of companies are looking for music videos for promoting their brand or you can say they use it as brand building activity. Moreover Artist and singer also Need Music Video. So if you have this creative skill then you can start earning from it

Earn Money Selling Used Books

Yes, this is one of the best business ideas without investment. The simple concept behind this business is to earn money by selling used books.

business without investment

As you all know Second-hand books are abundant and you can earn good money by selling those books. As a business Point of view you can buy second hand books at cheaper rate and then sell them in higher rate.

Pro Tips: If you are planning to start this business, then i will recommend you to Don’t sell second hand books in offline market, because there is huge competetion. You can start selling second hand books online because there are only few companies which are providing this service.

E-Commerce Consulting

business without investment

Now-a-days every big or small business wants to expand their business in online market. If you have expertise in online marketing, e-commerce, and e-communications  then you can offer consultation service to business owner and help them in growing their business online.

E-Book Writing

The demand ebook is growing day by day. If you enjoy writing and know th technique to write ebook then it can be one of the best business ideas without investment.

business without investment

You just need an computer and active internet connection. Even this business is perfect for both who wants to work as full time or even part time. Once you write your ebook you can publish it on Amazon Kindle or Insta Mojo.

Pro Tip: Use the Power of social media to promote Your ebook and increase your sale.

Employee Training

business without investment

Employee training is a programme which builds for developing technical skills, knowledge, efficiency, and value creation to do any job in much better way. Nowadays every company needs a well-trained employee. So the demand of trainer are also increasing. If you are interested in doing this job then you can make it your full-time business.

Fashion Designing

business without investment

Any individual having some knowledge about fashion can start fashion designing business with zero investment.

Pro Tip: If you take proper training and degree in fashion designing then you can become more successful in this busines.

Featured Agency

If you are interested in writing or reading, then starting a featured news agency can be a good option for you.

business without investment

Almost all the newspaper and magazine needs articles to fill up their page. As a news agency you can offer news and features and most importantly columns by top experts on various topics including finance, business and Tech.

First Aid Training

business without investment

First aid training is one of the low investment business in india which can be operated from home. Many business organisation such as wear house, construction, manufacturing, transfort etc Conduct first-aid training for their employees.  Any individual having proper expertise in this filed can initiate this business.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is an individual who provide technical and administrative service to marketers or business organisation.

The best thing about being a VA is you don’t need any types of Special degree to start this business. Hannah O’Brien is a good example of virtual assistant who is making good money from this business.

business ideas with low investment

Check out this guide which will help you in Becoming virtual assistant with no experience and earn up to $20-25/hour.

I believe it is one of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit.

Website Flipping

Website flipping is the process of purchasing an existing website then remaking, rebranding and remarketing it and then finally sell it on higher price.

business ideas with low investment

However, this is not an easy job, you have to give your 100% to make a website worthy to sell it on very higher price and earn big profit.

 Online Book Publishing

So do you have an interest in writing books then Book publishing business can be a good option for you. Being a writer you may have thought of Publishing book some day.

Believe me its actually as easier than you think. Whether you have written a romantic novel, A child story, drama novel or any book, there are many different options for self-publishing your book.

business ideas with low investment

You can use book publishing store or service like CreateSpace , Insta Mojo, Amazon Kindle etc.

Check out 7 Most Popular Platforms To Self-Publish Your Ebook & Make Money written by Harsh Agrawal.

SEO Consulting

The majority of traffic for any website still comes from Google search engine. That’s why webmaster can’t simply ignore the value of Search engine optimization. So, SEO is one of the most demanded skill anyone can have these days.

business ideas with low investment

If you are already an expert in SEO field then you are good to go otherwise it usually takes 4-6 month to learn enough SEO to offer it as a service to other webmaster. Over the time you can also open your own SEO agency.

Floral Business without Investment

business ideas with low investment

Each year billions of flowers are purchase for every kind of occasion. And one thing which is similar in all the occasion that Flowers have to be arranged once they arrive at the event. There are endless opportunity to make money from Floral business.

Freelance Bookkeeping

business ideas with low investment and high profit

Any individual can start Freelance bookkeeping business directly from their home without any investment. As we all know every organisation needs proper accounting to run their business successfully.

However, Most of the small firms fails to keep permanent accountant for affordability reasons. That’s why they hire Freelancer for this job. If you are good in accounting then you can easily start this part time business without investment.

Graphic Design Service: online business without investment

So, You are a creative guy.. Then here is a good no investment business opportunities for you. Having expertise in Graphic designing, you can start your home based Graphic designing business.

business ideas with low investment and high profit

You just need a good Computer with An active internet connection and that’s all you are good to start.

In initial days You can start working on freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork. Over the time you can even start your own business.

Healthcare Consulting

small business ideas

Healthcare consulting business needs proper knowledge and degree in this field. If you have both then you can start this business from your home or any commercial place.

Pro Tip : To earn more from this business Get a Bachelor’s Degree and choose a speciality and get experience.

Human Resources Consulting Business

Human resources consulting business is growing day by day in all over the world. Every size of business organisation need Professional HR to help them with tasks like recruitment, compliance, training, Payroll and administration.

online business without investment

According to IBIS report There are more than 61000 HR consulting companies in US who made revenue of over 23 billion US dollars.

Internet Marketing : Business ideas without investment

business ideas with low investment and high profit

Nowadays websites has become an essential part of any small or big business. But only having a website do not means that they will get potential customers.

Having a proper marketing plan and right implementation is must for getting effective business from their website. That’s why Internet marketers are always in demand. Your primary role is to assist the business in growing their online presence as well as get high traffic from the internet.

Mobile App Making

Mobile app making is a good home based business without investment. This industry has huge potential and vast opportunity.

business ideas without investment

A individual having proper knowledge of Programming and coding can start mobile app making business. If coding and programming is not your thing but you have a very good idea for an app, then you can hire developer from Freelancer.com and develop your own app.

Once you have your mobile app, you need to make a good promotional strategy for your new build mobile app. The best way to promote your app is publishing review of your app on different tech website. As well as if you have some fund then you can start promoting it through Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Nutrition Coach – Business Ideas Without Investment

Increasing awareness of health among people has created a big demand of Nutritionist .

small business ideas

In today’s time most of the people are unfit just because they don’t take proper diet.

So, as a Nutritionist, the main service you will provide your client is helping them as a Diet coach to live longer with a healthy health.

Affiliate Marketing

I believe Affiliate marketing is a best business ideas with low investment and high profit. Affiliate marketing is considered as on of the easiest business model in internet world.

business ideas with low investment and high profit

You just need to recommend someone good product to your audience and when your audience will make their purchase from your link, you will earn a commission of that sale.

Isn’t that simple?

The good thing about this business is you don’t need lots of capital to start this business. If you are serious about affiliate marketing then read this guide – How to start affiliate marketing?

Facebook Ads Consulting

These Days Facebooks ads have been one of the effective ways to grow a business. If you bare someone who have good knowledge in Facebook advertisement then you can start this business.

business ideas without investment

Always remember that it is one of the trickiest marketing services that you can offer because some clients have very high expectation from Facebook ads that can be downright impossible to meet.

Data Analysis

Business without investment

Another good business idea which need no investment is data mining and analysis. If you are someone who loves problem-solving and communicating your knowledge with others, then becoming a data analyst can be a good choice for you. If you want to learn How to become a data analyst then check out this guide.

YouTube Video Creator

These days youtube is always in trend. Starting a YouTube channel in 2019 can be a good choice for you. You will be surprised to know that YouTube star PewDiePie earned More than $12 Million from YouTube in 2017.

business without investment

If you have any good skill like- Singing, Teaching, Dancing, Drawing, Cooking, Vlogging, comedy etc. Then you can show your talent to all over the world and earn good money. Don’t forget to checkout an ultimate guide on – How to make money on YouTube?

Stock Photography

business without investment

If you are good in photographies then just take photos of beautiful sceneries around you, Retouch them and finally sell them online. You can earn good money by selling stock photos regularly.

 T-Shirt Designing

business without investment

You can sell your own brand of T-shirt online actually without spending a single Buck. Platforms like TeeSpring and Zazzle allows you to virtually design T-shirt. When a customer makes a purchase then the T-shirt will be printed and designs on the full expenses of Customer.

Work on Amazon Mechanical Turks

How to start a business without investment

Amazon Mechanical Trunk is a micro Job website where you can earn few cents by doing small works which include Sign up for newsletters on websites, Make posts on the forum, Tweet or retweet some post, Post comments on blogs, Create email id for someone etc.

Link Building Expert

How to start a business without investment

Links are the backbone of any web. Link building for SEO simply means getting links for your website from other sites.

You can start Link building as business. Just help other bloggers or webmasters to create links all over the internet. So, that they can improve their search engine ranking and get more traffic.

Become a Translator

Business ideas

If you know more than 2 languages then you can easily list your service online as a Translator. There are many authors of books a s well as Producer of Movies who wants to translate their book and movies into local dialects or any foreign languages. You can make a profile on elance.com, freelancer.com, oDesk.com and list your translating service.


If you have ever dreamt of starting a home based business, then it’s the right time.

Here i have listed 75+ Most Profitable Business Without Investment You Can Start in 2019. Just choose a Business in which you are really interested and take the first step. You will be amazed at how easy every other thing will be.


Among all these Business ideas Without investment which one of these you are going to try? Have any other good ideas which are not listed in this article then comment down below.

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