How to Embed Google Form in WordPress – Step By Step Guide

So Do You Want To embed Google Form in WordPress site?

Google Forms comes in very handy when you have to create online surveys, quizzes, and registration forms.

But Do you Know Google Provide an embed functionality with its forms which helps you in embedding forms on any external website including WordPress.

In this Post, we will be sharing How you can Embed Google Form in You WordPress website as well as How it can be beneficial than using a WordPress plugin.


Google Forms vs WordPress Form Plugins

There are just so many things to love about WordPress. It’s easy to use free, flexible, Themes, Plugin etc. Plugins plays an important role in WordPress flexibility. You will find almost 10-20 different Plugins for adding every single functionality into your site.

In the same manner, there are plenty of different Plugins available for creating Form in WordPress site. Some of the Popular Plugins are Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and more.

So, with so many good options, why you should even consider Google Form on first place.

The answer is very simple..

You can use Google form in multiple places of your website, as well as you can share Google form on social media site and send a direct link via a messaging app or even use the same forum on multiple websites.


If you will do all these things with the help of Plugins, then you may have to find different tools and plugin for different Platforms. Such as a separate tool for social media, a separate plugin for WordPress another tool for instant messenger and so on. Even after using different tools, At the end of the day, you have to combine all the responses manually.

But Google Forms eliminates all these Processes. If you use single Form on different WordPress website or social media. All the collected responses are stored in a single place. Which will helps you in taking a decision quickly based on the response you have received.

That’s why we recommend everyone to use Google form instead of a Form Builder Plugin.

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How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress?

How to Embed Google Form in WordPress - Step By Step Guide

  First Of All, You have to visit Google Forms website. If you haven’t created a new form yet then select a Template and start creating one for your site.

embed google form in wordpress

Now Make sure to add Name, Title and description of your Form, Because appropriate title and description helps users to understand what the form is actually about.

Now you have to choose which field You want to include in your Form. Choose all those types of validations to make sure the end users enter the exact information what you need from them.

embed google forms

You can use Custom Colour, Custom background or even add image and videos to your form. Once you are satisfied with the form, Click On send Button to get the embed code.

How to Embed Google Form in WordPress - Step By Step Guide

Now you will get three option to share the form with others. You can use email, share the direct link, or use the embed code. As here we are talking about “Embed Google Form in WordPress” So, you have to select embed code.

embed google form in wordpress

Once You click on embed google form option, You will get some customization Option like Height and Width of Form. You can enter your desired size height and width, Or you can normally leave it as it is. At Last, You have to click on Copy.

How to Embed Google Form in WordPress - Step By Step Guide

 Now head over to your WordPress dashboard area. Now add a new page/post or edit the old one where you like to embed google form in website.

If you choose a new page or post, Then you will need to switch to the text editor and paste the code which you had copied earlier. Once done just publish the Pag or Post. A new page or Post will be created where Your embedded Google Form will be displayed.

google forms embed

If you have chosen to edit the existing Page/post, then edit the Post/page. Switch to the text editors and carefully scroll down to the section where you want to Embed Google Form. Wherever You will paste the code, Exactly You are going to see the Google Form at that particular place.

google forms embed

To confirm that you have embedded Google from on correct place, you can use Preview Option given on Top right corner of WordPress editor. Once You hit on Preview, It will open a preview page with the form embedded. If you are happy with the way form looks, Then just go back to WordPress editor and Click on the Update button.

This is how Your embedded Google forms will look alike.

embed google forms in wordpress

This was the simple and easy steps to Embed Google Form in WordPress.

Embed Google Form In WordPress Using a Free Plugin:

If you are not comfortable with code and all, then You can use Plugin as well to Embed Google Form in WordPress website. The Plugin is named as Google Form, Below I have shown how you can use It.

  • First of all, Go to Your WordPress dashboard and install a Plugin called Google Form. You can see the Below given image to get an idea about How actually Plugin Looks like.
Google form embed
  • Once You have installed and activated Google Form Plugin. Head over to Google Form and copy the form URL.
Google form embed
  • Now Go to Plugin setting and click on Add new Google form Option.
Google form embed
  • Now Here you have to enter the Copied URL in the First blank field. You can also configure other settings or you can leave as it is. Once done hit publish. Your form is now published. Now Go to Plugin setting and click on Add new Google form Option.
Google form embed
  • Now go back to the Plugin and there you will see the form name and the corresponding shortcode for the form. Just Copy the shortcode. .
Google form embed
  • Paste the Shortcode into existing or new Page/Post wherever you want to show the Google Form. Now go back to the Plugin and there you will see the form name and the corresponding shortcode for the form. Just Copy the shortcode. .
google form embed in website

Note : Make sure to enter Shortcode into Visual editor not the text editor.

Finally, Hot Publish and your Google Form will be appeared in the respective page or Post.

Video Tutorial on How to embed Google form in wordpress website

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Things to remember when using this plugin:

» Although this Plugin made very easy to embed Google Form in WordPress, But this plugin currently works with only Public google Form. So, Use it only if you are ok with everyone viewing your Form.

» This Plugin also gives lot of advance customization features to their users, For example, When someone submits their data on your form, you can redirect them into a particular page of your website instead of the Form page.

» This Plugin is not officially made by Google, It has been developed by Third party developers and has been updated by them only. So, Google often changes their product very frequently. Which might break Form. So it will be beneficial for you if you have a backup plan just in case.

Over To You :

Google form is the best ways to create online surveys, quizzes, and registration forms. You should definitely use Google form instead of the traditional form builder Plugin. Because You can use a single google form into different websites and platforms.

Moreover, You should be aware of this fact that More Plugins means More loading time for your site.

We hope that now you have understood How to Embed Google Form in WordPress. Now I want to hear from you guys that What You will choose Google form or Form Builder Plugin and Why?

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