How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019 | The Ultimate Guide!

This is an Ultimate guide for all those people who wants to know How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019.

Let me tell you a short story about my friend Nick..

He was doing affiliate marketing from last 6 months.

One day i went to his house and between some normal seo conversation, he showed me his last months affiliate income and that was something like this.

affiliate marketing income

Literally, I was surprised after seeing his affiliate income..

I learned the whole process and how affiliate marketing actually works from him.

And after just 3 and half months, my income report is something like this.

amazon affiliate

I am not promising you that you will start earning in crores overnight but If you read this guide and start taking small steps you will definitely start earning money With Affiliate Marketinghow to make money with amazon

How to make Money With Affiliate Marketing In 2019

Chapter – 1 What is Affiliate Marketing?

By definition Affiliate Marketing is a process where an online retailer or advertiser pays you a commission, when someone purchase their product from your referral link.

Harsh agrawal blogger

 According To Harsh Agarawal Founder of “Affiliate marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing wherein you refer someone to any online product and when that person buys the product based on your recommendation, you receive a commission.”

wikipedia logo

 Whereas Wikipedia has described Affiliate Marketing something Like this “Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.”

I think now you have got some idea about affiliate marketing from its definition.

Let’s understand it more deeply..

As you all know almost all types of Ad pays based on Views or click. However Affiliate is different from them.

Affiliate pays you according to CPA (cost-per-acquisition), or CPL (cost-per-lead) basis.

In simple words You will get a commission (money) when someone purchase the product or service from your referral link or sign-up for a free trial.

Because there is very less risk for Affiliate networks or advertiser, So they pay out much higher commissions to publishers compared to Google AdSense or other types of advertisements.

But earning from affiliate marketing is little toff as compared to google adsense or any other ads.

But it is not a rocket science if many peoples are making lot’s of dollars from affiliate marketing then why you can’t?

All you have to do is find those products or services which you believe is going to be useful for your readers. And later on strategically add it in your blog posts and other areas of your site. So, That if your readers are interested in buying those products then they can easily purchase from your link.

Infographic For Affiliate Marketing

How to start affiliate marketing in 2019 Infographic

How Does Affiliate Marketing / Tracking Work?

First of all you need to find a company or product which you want to promote.

Always remember that you have to choose only those products which are relevant to your blog topic and which are going to be useful to your readers.

The Product or service or company you will choose is also called as ‘Merchant.”

Next you have to partner up with the company whose product or service you want to promote. Make sure that they offer affiliate programme.

Don’t take stress about which company offers affiliate programme! Just keep reading this article you will get all of your answers.

Once you joined their partner programme you will be a affiliate to that particular company. Some company also use the term affiliate as associates, partners, etc.


Once you joined there partner up also called as Affiliate programme, You will get a unique affiliate ID.

Now all you need to do is add that id in the affiliates link of every product or service you want to promote.

All traffic which you send the merchant website will be tracked by your Unique Id.

Finally Once user make purchase you will get the commission.

An example of affiliate marketing

Example No :- 1

Look at the Picture which i have attached below,  WpBeginner wrote a article about “Why you need a CDN for your WordPress Blog.?” and in the end of article they are recommending their users to purchase CDN from MaxCDN Now whoever will purchase from his unique link, he will get commission.

how to start affiliate marketing

Example No :- 2

Here A very popular Blog has added Banner ad in between of article. Now whoever click on that banner and purchase Hosting from Site Ground, He will get approx 90-100$ of commission from each purchase.

how to start affiliate marketing

Chapter 2 – What is an affiliate network? Why You Should Join Them?

Affiliate network act as a middleman between affiliate marketer and companies that want to sell their products. They manage affiliate programmes of multiple advertiser at one place.

They make a platform where merchant list their products, track affiliate traffic, manage affiliates, and send payments.

Same as for Affiliates marketer (you)  offer an easy to search products, they sign up as an affiliate, track their campaign performance and earnings.

Below i have listed some of the Popular Affiliate networks which you can join.

ShareaSale : This is one of the highest paying affiliate network where you will find almost all types of products. Popular WordPress Hosting company WP engine use Shareasale to manage their affiliate programmes.

CJ Affiliate : This one is another one of the popular affiliate networks where all types of products have listed in a well categorised manner. Popular companies like GoDaddy, Expedia, and many others use CJ.

ClickBank : This is one of the must join affiliate network for beginner.  This one is a large online marketplace for selling digital products in various categories from different vendors.

vCommission : Again another top affiliate network with a huge number of merchants and products which are neatly organized in categories. 

Which affiliate networks should you join?

You should join those affiliate networks who have the products or services which you wish to promote. This is not necessary that you can join only one networks.

You can join one or more than according to you need for different products. I have personally used shareasale and Cj affiliates.

I have very good experience with both the networks.

Make sure to read network program policies before joining an Affiliate network.

Chapter 3. – The pros & cons of affiliate marketing

Make money with affiliate marketing infographic

I believe the pros of affiliate marketing far outweigh the cons. However Affiliate marketing still has some cons.

Now it’s totally depends upon you..

Whether it is right for you or not.

Pros of affiliate marketing

You don’t have to create the product : You don’t need to spend your lot’s of time and money to create a product.

Low hassle / responsibility : As a affiliate market you don’t have to deal with customer service, inventory, infrastructure, shipping, follow up, etc.

Freedom & flexibility : As i told everything will be done by merchant itself, so as an affiliate you will get lot’s of time to do your own work and promoting products. In the meantime you will also make money in background.

Limited hard selling : You have joined a partnership with any merchant. Your job is to simply send the potential to needy customers to them. They will do hard selling themselves. This is good for those peoples who don’t want to sell products by self.

High commissions : In affiliate marketing merchant have very less risk, So they pay a very high commission to their affiliates.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

isn’t it amazing?

Win-win-win : In affiliate marketing advertiser, affiliates and Customer all win.

Let me explain How?

The advertise win because they only pay to affiliates when actual purchase is made.

The affiliates wins because they payed a high commission for each sales.

Customers win because they get recommendation from their trusted website..

Low barrier to entry  : Almost all the affiliates programmes are easy to join.

Low maintenance : You have to just add the affiliate link once in your post or website and you get commission from that link on regular basis, days, weeks, months and years later.

Little to no cost to start Almost all the affiliate networks and programmes are free to join, you don’t have to pay a single rupees.

Excellent income potential : If you are following right strategy, you can make huge money.

Lots of choice : There are different affiliate programme which offers different product. Which means you can promote those products which you have used and which you love.

Cons of affiliate marketing

It takes time to build trust : Even though you can became an affiliate marketer in just few minutes, nut you can’t earn money. Because to generate sales you need to make trust among your readers. Which means you need to be very patient.

It takes time to gain traffic and subscribers : You can make money with affiliate marketing only if you have a huge traffic on your site or you have a huge email subscribers list. It takes lots of time build all these things.

You don’t control the experience : Once you make a referral, you have no longer control on their purchase. So, incase they are getting bad experience from your referral product it can poorly reflects you..

Chasing advertisers : Sometime Advertiser don’t keep up with payout. So in some case you need to follow the advertisers for your payout. Don’t worry most of the time advertiser will pay you on monthly basis. But still there is some risks.

Hard to stand out : If lot’s of advertisers are promoting same merchant product, so it can be hard for you to seperate yourself from other affiliates. So, that people should purchase from your referral link.

You don’t get buyer’s info to use later : Buyer info can be very valuable for an affiliate markets, Because if he get buyer info then he can recommend another products to the users through email or messages. But in most of case affiliate marketers do not get any info about real buyers.

Chapter 4 – How to start affiliate marketing

 Choosing Affiliates – Run The Numbers

High Commissions, High Conversions, Low Reversal Rates

Of course everybody wants to promote those products where he get maximum commission, But always you should not only focus on commission.

The affiliate products which you have choosed should also have a solid reputation with high conversions and low reversal rates

(you get 0 dollar if buyer cancel after signing up).

As an affiliate marketer you should do some research before selecting products.

Avoid those affiliates which are offering huge commissions. Because most of the times Higher commision probably means they’re struggling to acquire customers naturally.

This will hurt your numbers (specifically your conversions/reversal rates).

Let’s take an example :

Why  you should not Promote WP Engine which pays $200 per Sale

If you generate only one sale for WP engine Hosting you will get approx 200$.

I know by listening the number, most of you have already planned to joined Wp engine affiliate programme.  😀

But wait..

On shareAsale you can check wp engine reversal rates is 24%.

In the other hand if you check siteground’s reversal rate then it is less than 10%.

Wp engine starts starts their hosting plans from 29$/Months while Siteground’s offers their plans at just $3.95/month.

Moreover siteground has much more better reputation than wp engine.

Now let’s check the outcome from both affiliates programmes.

WP Engine: (500 clicks x 4% conversions x $200/sale) – 24% reversals = $3,040 

SiteGround: (500 clicks x 10% conversions x $150/sale) – 10% reversals = $6,750

Key Note : Never select a product on the basis of Commission rate and always do some research before selecting a product to promote.


How to make money with amazon

Let’s learn How to make money with amazon or how to start affiliate marketing with amazon….

Amazon’s affiliate program is one of the most popular partnership programme.

Amazon affiliate programme

Most of the professional affiliate marketer are using amazon affiliate and making $5k-10k easily.

As you all know amazon is one of the most popular and most used ecommerce website. Here you can find all those products which you use on day to day life.

You can review amazon products or make tutorials about their product.

For an example : You write a tutorial on How to connect Laptop to computer and drop an affiliate link of HDMI cable.

Yes, it is so easy.

Amazon affiliates gives :

  • Up to 15% commissions
  • Sitewide commissions (if they buy anything using your link, you get a commission)
  • Super high conversions
  • Create a custom affiliate link to any product

WordPress Affiliate Programs

If you are someone who belongs to wordpress industry.

I mean to say if you have a blog where you educate people about WordPress, design, development, or SEO. Then below i have recommended some highest paying affiliate programs for bloggers.

Highest paying affiliate programs :

SiteGround : It is one of the most reputable Hosting company where more than 1.8 million domains have trusted and using their services. If you want to promote hosting then you should definitely go for Siteground affiliates.

WP Engine : If you are looking for a hosting affiliate provider who gives higher commission then you can choose Wp engine. It offers $200 per sale with a two-tier affiliate program ($50 for each two-tier sale)

StudioPress : Studiopress is known for best quality wordpress themes built on Genesis.

Zigzagpress : It offers flexible, functional Premium Themes for wordpress which are built on the rock-solid Genesis Framework!

Elegant Themes : High quality wordpress theme where it pays 50% of commission on each sales to their affiliates.

WP Rich Snippets : This is a premium plugin which add rich snippet or star rating to your article. They offers 30% of commission on each sales.

StackPath – CDN : If you are promoting hosting then you can promote CDN along with hosting. Stack path CDN comes with 31 additional data centers.

Freelancer : You can refer peoples to developers, designers, and other freelancers you’ve worked with in past. From Freelancer you can make 100% of Freelancer’s project commission for the first 90 days.

Sign Up!

Once you have decided the product which you wish to promote, Just sign-up for the affiliate programmes and Let’s get started.

Chapter 5- How to Promote Affiliate Products

Different Affiliates marketers uses different techniques to promote affiliate products. Below i have listed some of the most popular method to promote affiliate products.

  1. “How to” articles & tutorials
  2. Review articles
  3. Comparison articles
  4. Content Curation
  5. Offer or Discount articles
  6. Email Marketing

Technique 1 : Review products in your niche

I believe Reviewing product is a most appealing technique to make money from affiliate marketing.

Let’s understand how..

You use plenty of products in your daily life, All you have to do is just talk about them publicly and share you experience with the world.

Product can be anything….

Literally anything….

It can be even a tooth brush, shampoo, face wash or earphone or headphone.

Let’s understand it from a example..

Let’s take a look at this YouTube channel who reviewed “Hot Wheels Super Mario Character Cars.” His video has been watched more than 5 million times.

how to start affiliate marketing

He has included his affiliate links in video description and he is making $2k-4k easily from affiliate marketing.

Another kind of strategy which worked for most of the affiliate marketers is is the comparison with a direct competitor.

Again, Let’s understand it with an example..

how to start affiliate marketing

All you need to do is just compare two or more product and guide audience about the best one.

Once you do your research, You will find plenty of peoples who are promoting affiliate products with an unique idea.

Just search for “Best Hair Dryer” and have a look at the google search results.

This lady has reviewed hair dryer and suggested a best hair dryer with her affiliate link.

how to make money with amazon

Now of course she can relate to the product because she must have used hair dryer lot’s of time.

She just did her research well and wrote a useful content.

And the result is that her blog post not only rank high in the google search result but she is also helping people in finding best hair dryer for himself.

Whatever you are doing, make sure you have used it before….

I am telling you this line again and again because….

If you are content is not genuine or helpful, Then people’s are not fool… They will easily understand that you are trying to fool them and make few bucks. has described affiliate marketing into three types.

  1. Unattached affiliate marketing

  2. Related affiliate marketing
  3. Involved affiliate marketing

According to PAT FLYNN ” Focus on trust and authenticity. Focus on serve first, not income first. Focus on what is best for your audience.

I hope from these examples, you have got an idea How other affiliate marketers are doing affiliate marketing.

You need to just put the affiliate link to link to the products that you promote.

This was the basic and most used technique to promote affiliate products and earn money from affiliate marketing.

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Technique 2 : Build an email list with your prospects on it

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate affiliate sales, So don’t miss this opportunity.

Below i have shared 3 simple technique to collect emails of your blogs visitors.

Number 1: Popup exit gate

You can use Ninja Popups plugin to create an popup exit gate.

Exit gate is a simple popup which lay over the screen when visitors are about to leave your website.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019

It is tracked by the movement of users mouse.

This is a very simple but most working technique to collect mails.

Number 2 : Hello Bar

With the help of hello bar you can set a call to action button on top of your site.

When someone visit your site, he will see a call to action bar in top of your site.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019

You can offer them various products to collect their emails. Like – an free ebook, a review guide, Money saving guide, Tips & Tricks or anything which is going to be helpful for them.

Once they click on your hello bar, they will redirect to the place where they can enter their email in exchange for the content.

If you don’t know how to setup Hello bar on Your website, I will recommend you to watch this tutorial.

Number 3 : Sidebar Widget

In the picture attached below, Look How Pat Flynn offering free affiliate marketing course to their visitors or audience.

how to start affiliate marketing

Now whoever click on “Get The Guide” he/she need to enter his/her email address to avail the guide.

Key Note : Even with 500 genuine email subscribers you can create significant sales

Just make sure that you are making engagement  ideally once a week.

Don’t just send sales recommendation….

Sometimes send them some useful guides or content which is going to help them in a way.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Look how Brian Casel offers a course for freelancers who want to “productize” their services.

Technique 3 : Generate affiliate sales with live webinars

Webinars are most efficient and effective ways to promote affiliate products in a genuine way.

Let’s take an example….

You need to Purchase an Television for your home….

How can you decide to purchase a particular Television?

  1. Reading a review on a blog
  2. Seeing a live presentation of a Television

Of course Live presentation or video

Most of the bloggers use LeadPages to create a simple landing page, where people can sign up for your webinar.

Take an example with Popular Seo expert and blogger Neil Patel.

How To Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

He makes a beautiful landing page for his upcoming webinar.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019

Don’t miss a single chance to promote your webinar on social media

Then most of bloggers uses Google hangout which is a free platforms where he talks with his audience.

How to do live webinar video

Webinars is a great place where you can interact with people and show them the product that you’re promoting live and answer any questions that they might have.

Chapter 6  – Affiliate Marketing Tips to Increase Earnings

Now as you have already understand that how to start affiliate marketing, Now let’s dive into the real question How to make money with affiliate marketing. Below i have shared some basic and advance technique which i have used to make money with affiliate marketing.

1. Choose good products and companies to promote

As an affiliate marketers you don’t have control on future of the products or companies which you are recommending to your readers or Visitors.

So I will recommend you to only promote best product from a well known reputable companies.

The best way to do this is promote those products which you have used personally.

How to earn from affiliate marketing

Supposed You use a Washing Machine and you had a very good experience with that particular machine.

Feel free to contact the company and learn more about their partnership programmes.

In such way, if you recommend genuine useful product to your readers, and if your reader purchase that product and also get good experience. Then it will build trust and connection between you and them.

2. Offer highly useful and valuable content

Yes, its true that you can add affiliates link to any place of your wordpress website.

But by only adding links, you cannot convince your readers to make a purchase.

You need to convince your users by offering useful and valuable information about the product. Many affiliate marketers write in depth review, Video review, Pros and cons and comparision articles.

3. Keep your audience in mind

Whenever you are choosing products for promotion, always keeps in mind about your audience.

Suppose you run a tech blog, then you should choose Tech accessories, smartphones, laptop and similar products that your audience would want to buy.

Also don’t recommend a product only because they are giving you high commission. If someone purchase from your recommendation and it doesn’t turn out useful, he or she will never trust your recommendations again.

4. Take advantage of affiliate program freebies when available

Many affiliate programmes or network provides free printables, guides, webinars or other lead magnets designed to get potential customers in their sales funnel. So, as an affiliate you should recommend these things to your readers with your affiliates links.

If they eventually make a purchase, you will get commission and in case if they don’t still you get value up front.

5. Promote products at various price points.

You should promote all those products which are useful. Even if there is an amazon ebook is a truly useful product on the pricier side. It is still worth of promotion even only few peoples are going to purchase.

6. Ask for special discounts or coupons.

Many times affiliate marketers are happy to create some special coupons just for their readers.

Coupons are a very effective strategies to promote Affiliate products.

Because who don’t likes deals and discount??

In the below example you can see, How inning Wp is offering discount on Flywheel WordPress hosting.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

These types of coupon codes and deals attract most of the users to make a purchase.

Chapter  7 – Affiliate Marketing Plugins and Tools for WordPress

As your website or blog grow, you will be start recommending lot’s of product to your readers.

It can be a difficult task to manage all those affiliate links , banner and other affiliate ads.

Thankfully, There are lot’s of Affiliate tools and plugins already available on internet which will help you in managing affiliate ads.

Below i have recommended some of my personal favourite Affiliate tools and Plugins.

1. ThirstyAffiliates : When your blog grows, it will be very difficult to add affiliate links to your each article. Every time you need to add affiliate ID in the link and then copy paste the link into your blog posts.

Now here comes ThirstyAffiliates in use. This is affiliate ad management plugin for wordpress blog. It easily allows users to add affiliate links to WordPress sites.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019 | The Ultimate Guide!

Thirsty Affiliates also have functionality to automatically replace keywords with affiliate links which can significantly help you boost your affiliate revenue.

2. AdSanity : Adsanity is one of the must have tool for all affiliate marketer. Many pro affiliate marketers have recommended this plugin. It allows their users to create banner ads and manage all those ads directly from your wordpress dashboard.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019 | The Ultimate Guide!

Adsanity also provide easy options to add different types of ads in your wordpress article, pages as well as sidebar including Google adsense Ads.

3. MonsterInsights : Monstersight is one of the best google analytics plugin. This plugin has downloaded more than 32 millions times and more than 1.5 million bloggers are actively using this plugin.

It helps you to track your outbounds affiliate links with google analytics. Which means, you can find all those affiliates links which are getting more clicks. Which simply opens more opportunities for affiliate marketers.

4. WP Notification Bars : Affiliate marketers can use notification bar plugin to generate more sales from their links. There are lot’s of Notification bar plugin available on internet which helps you in showcasing header notification to your visitors or readers.

WP notification bar is a great example of just how versatile a notification bar plugin can be. You can add discount code, coupon code, new affiliate product link to the header and create more chances to generate referrals.

5. AffiliateWP : This is an ultimate affiliate marketing solution that works. Affiliate WP is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and make more money.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. How do you know when an advertiser uses an affiliate network?

Its Very simple, Just check the link through inspect element and you will find long “/ref…” tail, at the end of the regular link.

how to make money with amazon

 2. What are the benefits of affiliate networks?

Affiliate network are basically beneficial for both advertisers as well as affiliate marketers. It is beneficial for advertiser because advertisers don’t need to run affiliate campaign by themselves.

However it is also beneficial for Publishers because they can manage several affiliate programs under affiliate network.

3. What are typical affiliate marketing commission rates?

Commission rate actually depends upon which types of products you are promoting. Some products pays a tiny commission for sales and sometime if you are promoting digital product you can get up to 50% of commission.

4. How much money can you make from affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketers basically generate wide range of income, from a couple of dollars a month to five & six figures a month.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income  is an example who generate six figure from affiliate marketing.

how to start affiliate marketing

5. How are affiliate marketers paid?

It varies upon affiliate programme to programme. Most common ways of payments are direct deposit, PayPal, a physical check in the mail and company credit.

6. What is a payment threshold?

In some affiliate programmes you require to earn minimum amount (threshold) in commission before they will send your payout.

Example –  Sometimes you need to make at least $50 for your first payout.

7. Do you need a blog for affiliate marketing?

No, Not at all.

8. How to make money with affiliate marketing without a website?

Blog is not necessary for affiliate marketing. You can do affiliate marketing on Your YouTube channel or you can use email marketing technique to promote affiliate products.

There are various method to do affiliate marketing without a website.

9. Do you need an email list for affiliate marketing?

Same as i told you earlier, there are various ways to promote affiliate products. So, If you don’t have a good email list, then you can use other methods like Website, Youtube,PPC etc.

But i highly recommend you to collect email of your visitors to grab more opportunities of generating sales.

10. Do you need a lot of traffic for affiliate marketing?

No, Not at all. but it helps tremendously because More traffic means more potential audience who can buy  your products.

11. What are the best affiliate programs to join?

Here are several highest paying affiliate programs which i recommend all of you to join.

12. Where can you share affiliate links?

There are various places where you can share you affiliate links. I have listed some places below. But before promoting your products make sure to check their privacy and policy regarding Affiliate sharing. Because some sites prohibits affiliate promotion.

Places to share affiliate links :

  • Blog posts
  • Link your images
  • Supply lists in DIY posts, for the reader’s quick reference
  • Sidebar
  • Footer
  • Thank you pages on your site
  • Emails
  • Spoken in video
  • Video descriptions
  • Live video (spoken or pasted into comments)
  • Spoken in podcasts
  • Show notes
  • Reviews
  • Side-by-side comparisons

Conclusion :

It’s time to recap, what you have learned today.

  1. What is Affiliate marketing?
  2. What is Affiliate network and which one you should join?
  3. The pros and Cons of affiliate marketing.
  4. How to start affiliate marketing?
  5. How to make money from amazon?
  6. Techniques to promote affiliate products!
  7. Affiliate marketing techniques to increase income and
  8. Useful tools and plugins for affiliate marketers.

I believe generating quality traffic for your Affiliate link is more important than sprinkling your affiliate link on all over the website.

This was the ultimate guide on How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019. I am sure if you follow all the steps one by one and make your own strategies, You will be the next big affiliate marketer in the affiliate industry.

Now, It’s your turn to tell us about which technique you think is best for generating more sales. Let me know in the comment section…

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Thank You..